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Top 100 USA Peaks



scratch card

Product Description

A Scratch Card of the Top 100 US peaks

Open the peaks, that you have visited, share your experience and impressions and choose the following subjection.

This card will inspire you for new achievements and conquest of your new own peaks.

The 100 Top US peaks scratch card will be your motivator for new adventures.

It depicts the 100 highest peaks of the United States, erasing the scratch coatings that you have already visited, so you can enjoy your passages again!
The format of the postcard will be convenient for inspiring new achievements both at home and in the office!


The scratch card is marked with:
• The 100 highest peaks of the United States


• Size of scratch card – 12 * 6 inch/ 30*15 cm
• Material – elastic plastic (water resistant)
• The language of the inscriptions – English
• Manufacturer country – Ukraine
• Protected by copyright


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