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About us

– there are  Maps of Mountain Tops with Scratch Cover. Nowadays, there are the Carpathian Mountains Map, High Tatras Map and the Map of the Mountain peaks of the World in product line. They represent a unique visualizer that will allow you to track your achievements and plan new exciting trips.


The idea of creating such kind of maps was born on January 1, 2017 directly in the mountains. For several months of fruitful work, the first concrete sketches have already begun to appear, and in the beginning of summer, the first ready-made maps went to their owners to different parts of Ukraine.


During a relatively short period of work, we had time to get acquainted with our maps of many tourists from Ukraine, and beyond. So, Maps of Mountain peaks with Scratch Cover were sent to different countries of Europe, Canada and even Singapore.


We grow and improve, that’s why today on the site you will find Maps of the Carpathians and the World Mountain peaks with Scratch Cover. These maps are made of high quality elastic plastic, on which you can make your own marks, and then wash them. There are two possible variants of manufacturing: with plastic slats or in a ready-made metal frame – convenient ready-made solutions for attaching the map to the wall.


Our maps will be the best gift for stubborn tourists, who have considerable experience behind them and for those who are just beginning to attract mountains. After all, such a visualizer is created not only to celebrate your own achievements, but also to inspire new adventures!


Let’s explore the new peaks, and our maps will help you with it!

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